A big glass pyramid - Paris trip with Mum

Last summer, trying to make something even halfway original of the Louvre.
Failing kind of miserably.

Faces of Morocco

Back in February I journeyed around Morocco for 2 weeks, a beautiful country full of colour and light and wonderful design. Everywhere we went I asked strangers if I could take their photo, and I was really lucky because many of them said yes. Kind and friendly people who happily let this stranger look into their face and photograph them.

These will always be my favourite images from those two weeks.

All images shot with fuji xt2 and 14mm f2.8 - not really a “portrait” lens, but it’s what I had!!

Night Of The Living Dead - production shots.

I shot production shots for the first time in over a year, and what a crazy, brilliant design to come back to.

Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment and Ollie Rosenblatt for Senbla present George A. Romero NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD™ LIVE!
Written by Christopher Bond, Dale Boyer and Trevor Martin.
Created by Christopher Harrison and Phil Pattinson.

Director – Benji Sperring
Designer – Diego Pitarch
Lighting Designer – Nic Farman

Too long away.....

Jeez, it's been nearly a year since I posted anything. Life was difficult for the 1st half of 2018 and photos took a back seat. But I think I've got my head back on straight now and I dusted off the camera.

Here's my beautiful DeVience boys as a welcome back post. Onwards & upwards, so they say. 


Walking in space, We find the purpose of peace : Hair production shots

I don't get to photograph many shows these days, but i'm very glad that I got to photograph Hair.
This cast bring their A-game every performance.

Hair is currently playing at The Vaults, Waterloo.

Good Morning Starshine : Hair rehearsal shots

Hair is currently playing at The Vaults theatre in Waterloo. It is a joyous, vibrant, challenging 50th Anniversary production and I've loved being involved with it. A few weeks before moving into the theatre I was asked to make some rehearsal shots for press release.

The Tribe

Candy-floss revolution

Another lovely Sunday spent with Evie & Sarah-Jane. I love our creative days.

My favourite two shots of the day.

Model : Evie Hoskins.
Make-up & hair : Sarah-Jane Lyon

Fuji xt2

we've got magic to do : pippin rehearsal shots

I just prefer rehearsal shots in black & white.

Pippin is currently playing at the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester.

go hard or go home : devience at big red

My favourite rock boys taking the roof off our favourite rock club a month or so back!!
Travelling light with just the xt10 and 27mm f2.8


Yank production shots

Yank, a new musical, opens tonight at the Charing Cross theatre. It's a beautiful, important tale of love, from a time when not all love was so open. This cast is just divine. Go see them.

Love is Love. 

Early morning in soho.

Long story short.... Toya Delazy is pretty cool.


Back in May, my friend James Millar (check out his work, it's awesome!) asked me to join him for a weekend in Huddersfield photographing the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. It was an awesome experience, everyone was so kind and welcoming and talented, there was music and laughter everywhere and I really didn't want to leave them when I had to head back to London.

We shot a hell of a lot of images, so here is just a tiny selection....

Actions speak louder than words : Tick, Tick. Boom! production images

Last month at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park.
One of my favourite shows.
Designed by my favourite design team.
Doing our best to honour the genius of Jonathan Larson.

And one of my favourite photos in a long time....

All Fuji, mostly xt2.

Very sleepy portraits : offstage at the Improvathon.

Put simply, these people astound me at every turn and I love photographing them.

We'd all been awake for about 36hrs at this point. Reaching for the early morning sunlight.

The Darkness of the Fjords : Almost Ibsen at The London Jam 2017

Nils Petter Morland & Torgny Aanderaa brought their amazing show to the London Jam, joined for one night only by the beautiful Charlotte Gittins. Perfectly placed improv, dark & clever.

Improvised Dungeons & Dragons

Played by Dylan Emery, Adam Meggido, Alan Cox, Kayla Lorette, Jamie Cavanagh & Paul Foxcroft.

Wrangled by the ever-wonderful Mr Mark Meer.