review : 2014

So I thought I'd put together a few of my favourite images of the year, they probably won't be in chronological order. I pretty much only know that the year started with the london jam & improvathon, from there I'll just wing it.

As someone who doesn't do this all the time, who can't chase all the photos I want to take, who really doesn't have much time attached to a camera, it's always a great honour to be asked to take someone's photo. Whether it be a friends' wedding (I don't do weddings!), a little person's christening or a theatre show, it's a huge responsibility to get it right and i'm always very happy when people entrust me with that responsibility, because quite frankly this is the thing that keeps me sane.

When I get the photographers equivalent of itchy feet I'm stupidly lucky to have a few friends who will jump in front of the camera for me and let me indulge my whims.

As such I treasure every image in this post, they make me very happy. Hope they're even a tiny bit interesting to look at...... Oh and I'm just going to put each image up in full so just go ahead and scroll....