'cause everything is beautiful at the ballet - class with the R&J team

Behind the scenes of Romeo & Juliet at the Peacock Theatre.

These are welcoming, smiley, super-talented people and it was such a treat to be allowed to photograph one of their daily classes, an hour full of laughter and lots of leaping. 
It was kind of dark to begin with and then dealing with major lens flare (yes I know I normally actively seek them out!) once the big lights were put on, but this wasn't about lighting or polished performance photos, it was all about people and finding shapes wherever they presented themselves. It was loads of fun just being ignored as I wandered around with my camera and they got on with their day.

As you can see I got a bit obsessed with anonymous feet and people stretching, and then when class was finished Preston & Ryan (romeo & tybalt!) did some crazy leaps for the camera, just for fun, helping me out with the hardest thing to photograph.

Thanks again to the Romeo & Juliet cast for letting me into your world. x