As I turn up the collar on my favourite winter coat.....

My friend Ed cut all his long curly hair off recently so we decided to take some new photos..... that's the short story.

The slightly longer story is that for pretty much the whole of january & february it rained, not a little bit, but constantly. By the time march arrived I was pretty much climbing the walls to get outside and make some pictures, then last weekend I went on a photo walk with some fellow instagramers and rediscovered the brilliant bridges over the regents canal, but I had no-one to point a camera at. So on saturday, Ed and I spent an hour or so chasing the light underneath the bridges. Plus he cut off all his long curls so we needed to make some new pictures. ;-)

Check out Ed's website at - there's music stuff and actor-y stuff. :-)

There's also some more experimental wide shots that need to be blogged later, but i'm thinking about the edit further.