review : 2014

So I thought I'd put together a few of my favourite images of the year, they probably won't be in chronological order. I pretty much only know that the year started with the london jam & improvathon, from there I'll just wing it.

As someone who doesn't do this all the time, who can't chase all the photos I want to take, who really doesn't have much time attached to a camera, it's always a great honour to be asked to take someone's photo. Whether it be a friends' wedding (I don't do weddings!), a little person's christening or a theatre show, it's a huge responsibility to get it right and i'm always very happy when people entrust me with that responsibility, because quite frankly this is the thing that keeps me sane.

When I get the photographers equivalent of itchy feet I'm stupidly lucky to have a few friends who will jump in front of the camera for me and let me indulge my whims.

As such I treasure every image in this post, they make me very happy. Hope they're even a tiny bit interesting to look at...... Oh and I'm just going to put each image up in full so just go ahead and scroll....


i've got hot ears - improv 5-a-side final

So anyone, who knows me well, knows that the thing I most love photographing is improv. It's fast and sometimes intense and it really focuses the mind (as well as the eye). Everything else drops away and all there is is what's in the tiny square of my viewfinder.

So when I met some new people last week I jumped at the chance to photograph a whole new group of faces making stuff up. The fact that there was a knockout tournament element to the whole proceedings just made it all the more fun.

Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare...

The gentlemen of the School of Night quite regularly blow my mind, the words come falling out of their mouths and their brains at a rate I can hardly follow. They create worlds which a simultaneously brand new and steeped in tradition. Yesterday, for the 2nd year in a row, I witnessed them performing at the Globe as part of the Shakespeare's birthday celebrations. I love photographing at the Globe, it's so colourful and full of life, plus it's daylight.


As I was out for the day and this performance was all of 20mins long, I decided to break from the norm and not carry a stack of kit with me. As such these are all shot on the tiny new fuji xa1 - a camera that seems well beyond it's tag of an entry level mirrorless camera. I just love using it and it doesn't get in anyone's way.


Happy Birthday to the bard. :-)

New year : New website : New ideas

So, my last website wasn't doing everything I wanted it to, so I changed it. To be honest that comment could be levelled at my photography recently, it doesn't feel like I'm thinking enough. So we start afresh, luckily the year started well with an insane week of improv theatre to photograph at the end of January and it made me look more carefully.

I thought I should blog just a few of the images from that week, as a start to the new blog. I've also decided to blog slightly differently, just click the thumbnails to see the full shot....