One frame : take photos, they will make you happy

You're not allowed to take digi cameras to secret cinema and that's something I think I'm glad of because I didn't spend the whole time looking at details through a viewfinder. They did, however, sell old school disposable cameras. So we bought 2 - 48 whole frames to play with, what would I photograph?

Well pretty much just us was the answer to that, sometimes with the flash sometimes without. Most of them are in some degree of being out of focus because the focal length is longer than my arm for selfies or because I tried to get too close and fill the frame with what I saw. Half of the 2nd roll is lost, either too dark or just a think the film got spoiled - the camera did get rather damp. But then there's shots like this..... which I hope to god isn't considered a spoiler.... and they fill me with joy because I will always remember exactly when this pic was taken and how happy I was when I pressed the shutter.

It also reaffirmed my desire to shoot more with film, sometimes there's just not enough filters and plugins, this is straight out of that camera and I love it.

So yep, take photos, you will never regret having too many photos of the people you love.

It doesn't matter how "bad" you think those photos are, they are better than none at all, and with every press of the shutter the photos will get better. I've lost count of times that people have said "teach me how to use my camera better" - the answer will always be practice, practice, practice, you can't help but get better. And anyway, if the photo makes you smile (or cry) at a memory, then it's pretty much done what it needed to do.