Aha me hearties - Piramania promo portraits

Someone, who knows me very well, asked me to photograph pirates on a proper galleon. It was a rainy Sunday morning, we only had an hour and there was no room for lights, but we made the very best of what we had.

I’m such a pirate geek!

We also made some pirate “headshots”!

Faces of Morocco

Back in February I journeyed around Morocco for 2 weeks, a beautiful country full of colour and light and wonderful design. Everywhere we went I asked strangers if I could take their photo, and I was really lucky because many of them said yes. Kind and friendly people who happily let this stranger look into their face and photograph them.

These will always be my favourite images from those two weeks.

All images shot with fuji xt2 and 14mm f2.8 - not really a “portrait” lens, but it’s what I had!!

Too long away.....

Jeez, it's been nearly a year since I posted anything. Life was difficult for the 1st half of 2018 and photos took a back seat. But I think I've got my head back on straight now and I dusted off the camera.

Here's my beautiful DeVience boys as a welcome back post. Onwards & upwards, so they say. 


Candy-floss revolution

Another lovely Sunday spent with Evie & Sarah-Jane. I love our creative days.

My favourite two shots of the day.

Model : Evie Hoskins.
Make-up & hair : Sarah-Jane Lyon

Fuji xt2

review : 2014

So I thought I'd put together a few of my favourite images of the year, they probably won't be in chronological order. I pretty much only know that the year started with the london jam & improvathon, from there I'll just wing it.

As someone who doesn't do this all the time, who can't chase all the photos I want to take, who really doesn't have much time attached to a camera, it's always a great honour to be asked to take someone's photo. Whether it be a friends' wedding (I don't do weddings!), a little person's christening or a theatre show, it's a huge responsibility to get it right and i'm always very happy when people entrust me with that responsibility, because quite frankly this is the thing that keeps me sane.

When I get the photographers equivalent of itchy feet I'm stupidly lucky to have a few friends who will jump in front of the camera for me and let me indulge my whims.

As such I treasure every image in this post, they make me very happy. Hope they're even a tiny bit interesting to look at...... Oh and I'm just going to put each image up in full so just go ahead and scroll....


Jamie : Both Sides

Jamie and I have been talking about a new photo project for a while now, but we wanted something different. There's actually another idea in the works also, but this one came first....

It starts with Jamie, well looking like Jamie, perfect make-up and rockstar curls..... 

....that morphed into this....

....another thought....


....finally got the idea of where this project should be....

....then we added water - whilst standing on a bath mat!!

....now those are all processed in a very specific look, a colour palette that I love. But whilst talking through the edit with Jamie last night we came up with the plan that this would be better.

The left half is straight out of camera, just colour-corrected back to her natural skin tone. Then the right half, the "perfect" half is my processing, a little cross-processed.

It's totally different to anything Jamie and I have done before and I love it. Does it say what we wanted to about beauty and probably post-processing? Maybe, maybe not! :-)


Then the final shot is totally different. It's from early on in the shoot, before the make-up destruction. It didn't fit the general plan, but I wanted to test some different processing, and this is the result. I've never made anything that looks like this. It's just so sad and beautiful.

Spring in the city.....

.....or "it looks beautiful and sunny, but it's a bit chilly".

These are my wonderful friends Matt & Sara, some of my best friends, whose wedding I will have the pleasure of photographing (yes I know I tell everyone that I don't photograph weddings, it's because I don't as a rule!) at the end of May.

Finding somewhere that didn't feel like a wind tunnel was a challenge yesterday, but the light was gorgeous. We really did need the several stops for hot chocolate and beer and then roast dinner, hands were made of ice for most of the day.

My "muse" in a bowler hat.

I think I've photographed my friend Jemima more times than I have anyone else. Every time looking completely different and every time equally gorgeous.

We haven't had beautiful sunshine like this for a long while though and at times it was hard to keep your eyes open in, but that just led to some searching for shade and shooting straight into the light. What with the pink dress, the river reflecting the stupidly blue sky and the gorgeous light bouncing round the turbine hall, there's quite a bit of colour in these shots.


As well as always looking fabulous, Mima is a pretty brilliant illustrator, you can check out her stuff on her facebook page. It'll make you smile, especially if you like anything "vintage" ;-)


As I turn up the collar on my favourite winter coat.....

My friend Ed cut all his long curly hair off recently so we decided to take some new photos..... that's the short story.

The slightly longer story is that for pretty much the whole of january & february it rained, not a little bit, but constantly. By the time march arrived I was pretty much climbing the walls to get outside and make some pictures, then last weekend I went on a photo walk with some fellow instagramers and rediscovered the brilliant bridges over the regents canal, but I had no-one to point a camera at. So on saturday, Ed and I spent an hour or so chasing the light underneath the bridges. Plus he cut off all his long curls so we needed to make some new pictures. ;-)

Check out Ed's website at www.edwardhandoll.co.uk - there's music stuff and actor-y stuff. :-)

There's also some more experimental wide shots that need to be blogged later, but i'm thinking about the edit further.