In The Heights : Southwark Playhouse

For the last few days I've been trying to put into words how magnificent this show is... words fail me often in these occasions, I hope these images come closer to explaining it.

Long story short... if you can get a ticket, and they're few and far between after the slew of amazing reviews, you must see this show.

In The Heights stars Nathan Amzi, Victoria Hamilton Barritt, David Bedella, Josie Benson, Courtney-Mae Briggs, Damian Buhagiar, Raffaella Covino, Gabriela Garcia, Reiss Hinds, Emma Kingston, Jonny Labey, Dex Lee, Sam Mackay, Christina Modestou, Sarah Naudi, Eve Polycarpou & Wayne Robinson. It is directed by Luke Sheppard & choreographed by Drew Mconie. Check out the Southwark Playhouse website for all info and ticket details.

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