The Smallest Story Ever Told : Kings Head Theatre

"Charlie and Amy were married for twenty-three years and darlings of the children’s literature circle. But, when Amy developed Alzheimer’s disease, their former lives existed only in the story Charlie told her every day.

Starting from the present and unravelling back to when they first met, this new play highlights the importance of precious memories shared with the ones we love, and how devotion and heroism are often the same thing. The tumultuous shifting world of Alzheimer's disease is brought to life with sharp authenticity drawn from the personal experiences of playwright R J Wilkinson."

I was very happy to help these guys out with some images to promote their week's run of this beautiful play. I very much hope it has more chance of life than one week as part of a fringe festival.

It's very real and raw, I cried twice.

Photo-geek note : more 50mm show photos.