With hindsight….

....I could start this blog post with something terribly zen like "it takes time away from something to make you realise what it needs"..... but this is purely a blog about editing/post-production and not about life, the universe and everything!! 

Nearly a year ago, Ed and I made some end-of-winter-nearly-spring type images on the canal from Camden to Paddington. We were both pretty happy with them, they were different to previous shots we'd made and were a nice diversion...

.... but I had cause to go back and dig them out last night. Looking again (and because I had to create some new jpegs) I decided to start from scratch with the edit.... I pulled the RAWs back in and began again. 

And so we have something totally different. My brain obviously went to another place this time last year, because (in my opinion) the new version is so much better.  Same file, same software, same me, "different" eyes!!

It was a good day though, we finished up with these and then headed to the Troubador in Earls Court to see the fabulous Bluejays band play until running for the last tube home. 😀