I don't do sadness - Spring Awakening production shots.

Photographing this cast has reminded me how many wonderful elements there are to this show... It's a treat to watch people of the right age play these roles, and a cast as good as this doesn't hold back. Alex Howarth's wonderfully inventive direction, combined with the design talents of Ben M Rogers (set & lighting) and Anna Saunders (costume), has created a fabulous show....

'Cuz you know I don't do sadness,
Not even a little bit.
Just don't need it in my life.
Don't want any part of it.
I don't do sadness.
Hey, I've done my time
Lookin' back on it all.
Man, it blows my mind.
I don't do sadness,
So been there.
Don't do sadness,
Just don't care.