The Verb To Love : part of the Old Red Lion Season

"Simon is lost, abandoned by James, his partner of twenty-three years. He is alone for the first time, but then he finds Ben, the Great Love of his life, a young man seventeen years his junior, and finds himself rejuvenated and fulfilled in a way he never knew possible. They share the complications of falling in love, undergoing upheavals, and experiencing change, until it all falls apart; but does it?

The Verb, ‘To Love’ explores, in an intimate sung-through musical, the complications of changing relationships, and the power of different kinds of love; ‘The verb ‘to love’’ has so many meanings…’"

From Wednesday 29th April-Saturday 23rd May at The Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, Aria Entertainment Ltd presents, THE VERB, TO LOVE; a new musical by Andy Collyer.

This show is an extraordinary performance by Martin Neely and Gareth Bretherton.
They don't stop, there's no room for a break.
Martin is singing constantly and Gareth scores the entire show from the piano.

The Verb, ‘To Love’ is the world premiere of this new musical

Simon -Martin Neely
Ben - Gareth Bretherton

Director -Jonathan O'Boyle
Costume and Set Designer -Nik Corrall
Lighting Designer - Derek Anderson