on reflection - The House of Mirrors and Hearts promo images

Recently I've been asked on several occasions to photograph some brilliant people, it's been a lovely few weeks. 10 days ago the cast of a brand new musical dropped by to make some promo images for "The House of Mirrors and Hearts" by Eamonn O'Dwyer and Rob Gilbert.

"Keeping secrets is a kind of art…
When Anna’s husband is killed in a tragic accident at their home, her family’s life is changed forever. Seven years pass and, torn apart by grief, Anna has drunk herself numb.
Her daughters, Lily and Laura, exist in a world of secrets and lies. They spend their days in bitter silence and suspicion, until Nathan, a new lodger studying the works of a forgotten poet, forces them to confront their past. Tensions within the family build, threatening to shatter this already broken household once and for all.
A timeless, atmospheric and intoxicating musical, The House of Mirrors and Hearts is a contemporary British story about a dysfunctional family haunted by their past."

I could try and explain the physics behind these reflective images but it might get tangled up, maybe I should just say that all of these were created in camera. A few people have asked if we comped them together in photoshop.... I wish I had that kind of photoshop ability!!

"The House of Mirrors and Hearts" will be at the Arcola Theatre from July 2nd, starring Grace Rowe, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Graham Bickley, Jamie Muscato and Molly Maguire.