Who's got extra love? - "Zanna, Don't!" production shots

Zanna Don't is a crazy, lovely, sparkly show that's currently running at the Landor Theatre in Clapham North. Over the last 6 weeks or so I've been making lots of images for these guys, they needed a poster and some shots of the characters for the website and then this weekend I dropped by the show to shoot a few production shots.

This show is full of smiles and joy with a cast who will have you skipping and twirling all the way home.

Zanna Don't is directed by Drew Baker, designed by Ben M Rogers (set & lighting) & Andrew Cox (costume) and choreographed by Tom Scanlon.

The cast is..... Zanna - David Ribi, Mike - Jonathan Dudley, Steve - Liam Christopher LLoyd, Roberta - Jennifer Saayeng, Kate - Ceris Hine, Tank - Ben Sell, Arvin - Jonathan Wooldridge, Candi - Carol Heffernan, Georgia Phillips & Thomas Wright.