Bubbles & bagpipes & sunshine in Sweden

Every now and again I get asked if I photograph weddings and the answer is always the same....  I'm not a wedding photographer, it's not what I do. But when Matt & Sara asked me to photograph their wedding the answer was easy, these are two of my dearest friends, it was an honour to be asked. Then they showed where it was all happening and I was virtually begging them to let me make photos there. :-)

These two are kind, gentle and gorgeous people, they take care of me when I behave badly and we spend a stack of time together in our little corner of south west london. Just don't ask what "marrying mr darcy : the boardgame" is all about, or who's winning the ongoing pool tournament.

Just a few shots before they head off on their secret honeymoon adventure....


Matt got ready in the room above Sara so I flitted backwards and forwards whilst everyone was putting on their finery. Matt's friend Dylan decided to video Matt's thoughts on marriage whilst he was trying to tie a bow tie.... not an easy combination!

I reckon my friend Matt scrubs up pretty well.

Sara just looked like a Hollywood star in her beautiful dress.

There were bubbles instead of confetti. I love bubbles.

Our friend Fiona rushed over during dinner because she'd peeked outside and the light over the lake was looking pretty gorgeous so the 3 of us snuck off for a couple of frames in the sunshine.

I love this last shot, it's so simple and sweet.

Thanks so much guys for having me along for this glorious ride, I know you're going to conquer the world and have a fabulous time of it together. There'll be 100s of images waiting for you when you get home. x