My junk is you : Spring Awakening promo shots

Renegade Theatre is an exciting youth theatre group who will be performing the fabulous show that is Spring Awakening at Duke St Theatre in High Wycombe from 1st to 4th of April. It will be a treat to see this show again and I'm really looking forward to seeing this talented young cast bring these roles to life. It was a joy to be asked by their director Alex Howarth to make some images for them.

I must admit that I had a very different plan for these images until I got to Duke St, I was intending something more traditionally Spring Awakening, the designer/producers had another idea as well. We'd swapped many reference images....  

.... Then I saw the huge wooden panel that they have in the bar space, and the bare bulbs on long cables, and the huge wooden ladder.... Oh and the over-sized armchair. None of which were going to be in the images that were in my head!! 

But combined with the beautiful costumes designed by Anna Saunders and made by Julia Saunders, these were the images we "had" to make!! 

Working with this young cast was really fabulous, they were creative, inspired and excited about this show they're working on together.

I'm really proud of these images we made together, perfectly Spring Awakening whilst not looking like "Spring Awakening", much as I suspect Alex's direction will be!