But soft, what light through yonder window breaks : Romeo & Juliet production shots

This is Rasta Thomas' "Romeo and Juliet" which is running at the Peacock Theatre in Holborn from now until Sunday 29th March.

After watching the 3 numbers which were performed to make these images, I know I need to go back and see the whole show. Romeo & Juliet is, and will always be, one of my favourite stories whether it be ballet or film or modern or traditional. The emotions these guys evoke are just beautiful to watch.. Preston Swovelin and Adrienne Canterna are a stunning pair as the title characters, their dancing as a couple is tender and romantic but at the same time filled with emotion and the youthful passion of first love. Some of the photos almost too intimate to post.

The  supporting cast are strong and flamboyant, with Ryan Carlson as Tybalt storming round the stage bare-chested and covered in tattoos, bristling with anger and power.

These are fabulous, exciting performers and I feel lucky to have witnessed them whilst attached to my camera!! :-)

Go see this show.

These images must not be used without written permission.